GOLD horse shoe


4 Km

The Zlatá Podkova farm offers horseback riding trips for both beginners and advanced. Possibility to ride freely on horseback, in car, buggy, in winter on sledge. Horse riding has very healing effects both on the body and on calming the psyche. Every day demonstration of feeding, nursing and getting to know livestock with expert commentary.

Farma Hucul


15 KM

Mountain Farm Hucul is located on the slope of Janova Mountain, in the village Vítkovice in the western part of the Giant Mountains. A herd of Hucul horses grazing on 130 hectares of pastures ranks among the best Hucul horses in the Czech Republic in number and quality. The Hucul Farm offers horseback riding lessons and field trips.

Buřany – Kašparka


7 KM

Kašparka Station is located near the town of Jablonec nad Jizerou, specifically in Buřany. Guided tours for 1 to 3 riders on the horses from 1 hour around the station. Price 250CZK / horse / 1h. Even for several days on the routes Jizera Mountains - Giant Mountains - Bohemian Paradise. Price by agreement according to the difficulty of the terrain.