Mountain tricycle

1 Km

Mountain tricycle are specially adapted to ride on a grassy hill and are equipped with two brakes to control the speed. They are designed for children and adults. They allow you to ride in pairs. In the ski resort U Modré Hvězdy you can enjoy summer off-road mountain carts. The lift will take you to Sachr Hill and then you will descend the slopes. Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 13.00 - 17.00 hrs. Phone: +420 603 576 330, +420 731 101 962


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1 Km

In the Mountain Base you will find the right off-road scooters. By connecting the cable cars, the local hills can also be reached with a scooter, and long descents will give you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the mountains while enjoying adventure. During the summer season you will find scooters right at Dvoracky. At regular intervals (approx. 90min), a guide takes you to Rokytnice. For more information about the operation, contact the rental company.



2 KM

Rokytnice nad Jizerou Bikepark is located in the skiresort Horní Domky . Two routes are open. Downhill T-LINE track is only suitable for experienced person. The track runs directly below the funicular with lots of laps and obstacles that are exclusively natural (stumps, stones), about 1,500 meters long. The Tucson freeride line is also suitable for less experienced, the track is more easier, the knapsacks, natural obstacles, about 1,650 meters long.



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Mountainboarding is a relatively young sport that ranks among board sports. Mountainboard - a snowboard and skateboard-like board is used to run this sport. Especially grassy slopes, forest and dirt roads that are downhill or asphalt roads are suitable for mountainboard riding. Mountainboard is also used for landkiting outside of mountainboarding and downhill.


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The popular winter attraction does not end with the last snow! You can also ride on special tire in the summer! Summer Tubing is an adrenaline attraction for both young and old. You will ride in a rubber boat with an anchor lift to start and then you will enjoy a fantastic ride down an artificially created trough of about 250 m with a beautiful view of the upper Rokytnice nad Jizerou. The attraction is suitable for children from 4 and adults up to 80 kg.

Boby Harrachov

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16 Km

MonkeyPark Bobsleigh Track Harrachov offers fun and adrenaline. The track has a length of nearly 1000 m and surpasses the elevation of 38 m. By decision, you can ride bobsleighs either alone or in pairs with your children or friends.